Moradabad of Uttar Pradesh. A team of doctors arrived in Nawabganj area here on 15 April. To take two suspected Corona patients to the hospital. As soon as the team sat in the ambulance with the patients, the people around started stoning. Stones were also thrown at the police who came to save the medical team.

Action will be taken under violence

CM Yogi Adityanath has ordered action against the accused under the National Security Act (NSA). CM tweeted that the attack on police, health and sanitation operations personnel in Moradabad is an unforgivable crime.

Doctors and personnel of Health Department, officers / employees associated with all cleanliness operations, all police officers engaged in security and police department personnel are engaged in service work day and night in the hour of this disaster.

In Moradabad, assault on personnel associated with police, health and sanitation operations is an unforgivable crime, which is strongly condemned.
Action will be taken against such convicted persons under the Disaster Management Act and National Security Act (NSA).

17 people were arrested

Moradabad police have arrested 17 people in the case. Seven of them are women. Police has formed more teams, so that the remaining accused can also be arrested. Other accused are being identified.

Expressing sorrow over the incident, CM Yogi Adityanath has ordered strict action. Ambulance and police vehicle glass were broken in this incident. Regarding this, the CM tweeted that the loss of state property done by the culprits will be strictly compensated from them.

The loss of state property incurred by the culprits will be strictly compensated from them.
The District Police Administration should immediately identify such unruly elements and ensure every citizen as well as complete strictness on the unruly elements.

This is not the first time in the era of corona virus infection, when medical staff has been attacked in an area. Many such incidents have come to light before this. At a time when health workers are risking their lives to treat patients, it is a matter of great concern to treat them.