New Delhi: Transnational workers have suffered the most because of the lockdown surge. Delhi, the country’s capital, is also in poor condition. Thousands of traditional laborers have been forced to sleep on the banks of the Yamuna near the Kashmiri gates in Delhi. The situation is so bad that they have to eat rotten bananas too. On the Nigambodh Ghat in Delhi, one can fill his stomach if he finds good bananas in a pile of rotten bananas next to Yamuna …


One of the laborers said on the talk, ‘Brother, what to do, if you are not getting food, then eat bananas, I am coming here from different places and I am not able to sleep. Thousands of traditional laborers will be found sleeping on the banks of the Yamuna from the Nigam Bodh Ghat to the hill of Majnu. Jagdish Kumar, 55, who is from Bareilly, was employed as a laborer in Old Delhi but is closed due to lockdown, there is no place to stay and he is killed by the police when he goes on the road. That is why Yamuna has fallen here. Jagdish said, ‘Brother, two days later I got food. Used to work here. Now I’m stuck here.

Thousands of laborers like Jagdish along the shores of Yamuna are counting down such lockdown days after a rainstorm burned down on Saturday. After the news came in the media, the Delhi government has been awakened and these traditional workers are being shifted to schools.

Vipin Roy said on behalf of the Delhi government, ‘There are thousands of workers here. We take them to schools that have been sheltered. The question now is that if the government awakens at the right time, these migrant workers will not have to eat rotten bananas. Do not groom with animals. The question is only on governments, are they really able to feed these workers?