There is a lockdown all over the country because of the Corona virus. In the meantime, there were reports that in some places, people were throwing stones at the doctors and police team. Bollywood star Salman Khan has given a message to the public on these stone-throwing events. What is the message, scolding and scolding.

Salman Khan is currently at his Panvel farmhouse and shares photos and videos from there. People are also appealing to follow the rules of government. This time, he raged angrily at those who broke the rules and attacked the doctors.

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Salman himself is strictly adhering to social distance and self isolation. He told the same thing to his fans with his Insta handle. Salman said that –

This is the Big ‘Boss Started’ of life. Everyone is sitting in the house. But there are some people who are violating. I recently came here for two days. For the holiday and got the holiday. Corona has discharged everyone. At first it was thought that the flu would be gone. Will go home. But then when the lockdown took place, the matter became more serious.

Salman Khan strongly condemned those who did not follow government directives. Salman Khan said in his video:

That’s amazing, the doctors came to save your life and you rained stones on them. The one who is getting detached from Corona is running away from the hospital. Where will you run away? Running to life or running to death. If these doctors do not treat you and the police are not on the streets, because of the few people in whose mind it is going on that we will not, they will walk with a lot of people from Hindustan.