Quota. A small town in Rajasthan. A web series is coming out in 2019, the center of preparation for IITs and medical admissions. The name was Kota Factory. Was imaginary. Vaibhav Pandey was the main character. The ‘quota existence’ and ‘crisis of existence’ of luxury were shown. This was a web series story. But this lockdown has created an existential crisis against thousands of students trapped in quotas.

Living thousands of kilometers away from home, these children fear they may become corona. So far more than 50 cases of corona have been reported in quotas. In such a situation, these children want to go home. Anyway. Kids in Kota mailed ‘The Lalantop’. We talked to some of these people. Know what they say?

Names are Ruma Parveen

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is from Biharin Quotas Landmark City

Complaint, or TB. Her medication was locked down. He says the arrangement was in some way very difficult. He says that the days at the hostel are cut very hard. No food available. Roma says, there is

some food available in the hostel. Don’t fill the stomach, the hygiene is off. Wash startups are starting to get dirty. One small room has to be closed all day. Could not arrange train to go home. Talking to mom and dad is emotionally depressing. I have not been able to study. We want to go home anyway.


Bhattacharya– In Agartala, Tripura

where live –Kota City landmark

Sgnika booked a flight ticket home because of lockdown announcement. March 25, but was canceled. He hoped that after the end of the 21-day lockdown he would be able to go to his home. He booked a ticket for April 17. But the flight was canceled due to increased lockdown. Saginica says,

I want to go to my house. There are very few cases of corona in my state. Quota cases are steadily increasing. We are afraid we will get nowhere. We are often being called on to rent. ATM cards are being sought for the reason that they cannot go out. In addition, you will be asked to provide a PIN so they can make the rental money. Why should we give you your ATM card and why should you give your PIN to someone?

NameAmit Bhagat

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About 5050km away, Amit Bhagat, like the rest of the children, wants to go home. They say if children start spreading corona, the problem will increase. Amit Bhagat says,

Our friends do not have corona. There is no study here. Even food is not available. Coaching people are also not supportive. We are off to a small room. Mentally disturbed. We tried for a curfew pass, but couldn’t find it. Now we do not know when we will go home. It’s hard to cut every day.

names Innovative Jaiswal-

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saysinnovative kehammesam food is not good, but it has become a bad lockdown. He says the

hostel has 30 children. We didn’t book the train ticket, because we knew we were going to hang out. We hoped the lockdown would be over in a few days and that we would go home. But this did not happen. While trying to pass, we tried, but couldn’t. People in the house are being harassed in a different way.

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Namelocated in Uttarakhand, Dehradun

wherelockdown Jawahar Nagar is

hostel along with 25 other students. Classes are closed due to. There are so many mental problems that she cannot study on her own. He wants to go to Dehradun with his parents in some way. He says there is

no problem with living. But as the case of Corona grows, so does our fear. People working in messes do not even wear hand sanitizers, gloves and masks. In such a situation there is fear of eating. We want the government to allow our parents to get quotas and take us back.

The names are where the divine light is

. Bihar, Kishanganj,

wherefriends ofJivant Jawahar along withNagar

threeare living in West Bengal, say they have no problem with life. The problem is food. Parents worry about food. Nitish Kumar does not allow people to come to Bihar from outside.

Earlier, the pass was closed, but now the pass is closed. In such a situation it is impossible to go home. They have the same complaint that cooks in the mess do not use sanitizers and masks. Because of those people, the corona should not be spread anywhere.

He arrived at his house,

but Jur Rahman of Sultanpur considered himself fortunate that he reached his house. He says he arrived at his home on April 13, the day before the first phase of the lockdown ended. After cutting 12-13 hours. Prior to April 14, the district’s D.M. Passes were made, so that the children could reach their homes. Rahman made a pass with his friends and arranged a car and arrived at his house.

He is currently in domestic quarantine. All the people accompanying him have been guarding the house and the medical staff is keeping an eye on him.

What a helpless state

quota says MLA Sandeep Sharma is lacking anything here in the South or students of BJP. But following PM Modi’s message, the district administration does not let him out.

More than 30,000 students preparing for the engineering and medical entrance exams have reached the quota. About 7500 of them are from Uttar Pradesh. 6500 are from Bihar, 2000 from Haryana, 2000 from Maharashtra, 4000 from Madhya Pradesh and the rest from other states. These students want them to be tested. When the report comes out negative, they should be sent home. For this, Twitter students launched the #SendUsBackHome trend, so they can reach the government. At the same time, the government says a lockdown would not make sense in such a situation. Whoever is there, he should be there.